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The Harvest Field of India is Ripe

Hannu bust right

Dr. Hannu Haukka
GCM founder & president



  • Kathmandu mega city evangelism campaign ends but follow-up continues
  • new campaign planned for Siberia
  • extremist Hindus cut phone lines twice
  • over 86,000 calls to Chennai call center

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Dear ministry friend,

We just came back from an exciting and uplifting trip to Nepal and India.

Our first stop was Kathmandu where our first mega city campaign in Asia was held. A week before launch, we had no idea what to expect—either attacks from extremist Hindus or massive positive response to the campaign. It turned out the latter was correct. We just knew that God had directed our paths to this Himalayan nation of 28 million people.

The month-long campaign was wrapped up in the end of January. But the response from Nepal continues. Another 100,000 hits to the Nepalese website was recorded in the past month. Thanks to a generous donation from Canada we printed an additional 25,000 evangelistic books in addition to the 50,000 already distributed. The churches are busy with follow-up.

Now several more cities in the Himalayas have fervently requested a similar campaign. It would cost about 100,000 dollars to reach three cities of about 2 million people each. Can we respond to their call? We do not know the answer at this point but we know beyond a doubt that it is harvest time in Nepal. Let us continue to uplift the Nepalese church in our prayers.

Siberia Campaign

Recently, on the Lev Tolstoy, night train from Helsinki to Moscow, Laura and I reflected and marveled how the Lord has caused the mission of Great Commission Media Ministries to evolve and grow these past few years.

This train was taking us to Siberia where we are in the process of preparing for our 35th mega city campaign in Russia. We ask you to remember us in prayer.  Over a million 100-page Power to Change books have been printed and distributed. Over 50 million Russians have had exposure to the Gospel message in the past 8 years. Hundreds of thousands of phone calls have been taken at the campaign call centers, people seeking freedom from addictions and meaning in their lives.

Unprecedented Sowing of the Seed

In India in Chennai the mega city campaign launched on April 1 and went through to the end of the month.

Over 86,000 calls have come into the call center so date however during the third week of the campaign all the phone lines were cut to the call center on two occasions by extremist Hindus. A few days later phone service was restored. People in India are hungry for the life-changing power to change that comes from God.

The media, the campaign book, the prime-time TV programs all consist of life changing stories of salvation. For example there is the personal bodyguard for India’s former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, who was assassinated in the world’s first suicide bomb attack. The Prime Minister died but his bodyguard survived the attack with 100 wounds from bomb shrapnel on his body!

This bodyguard, known throughout India, now tells his fellow citizens how he experienced God’s great mercy and power to change his life.

We are grateful to have an excellent team at the campaign office from the many churches involved in this mega city campaign.

One example is of Sharon, a sister who came to Christ in an Islamic area in the Northeastern state of Assam. Her father was an Imam, a Muslim priest. Her former name was Sabina Islam. Father was an influential person. Sabina was in her second semester of studies at university when during her preparations for exams she heard an audible voice: “Sabina, you need to pray to me.” At the same time she saw Jesus, whom she had not known before, in a vision.

Sabina fell to her knees in her small rented room and cried out: “I need you God!” She came to know Christ at that moment. Consequently, her father disowned her and prevented her from returning home. Sabina helps design our campaign ads.

SMS Messaging the Good News

We were told by the cell phone operators in Chennai that we could send our message “God gives you the power to change” by SMS to 5 million cell phones at a push of a button. I did some quick calculations and figured that if only 1% of these cell phones respond to the message that would mean 50,000 calls to the call center and possibly that many campaign books to distribute—not to mention the TV programs, newspaper ads, internet and other media we are using to proclaim “God gives you the power to change”.

I took a deep breath. This means that we would need to do a mega printing of these books!

Chennai has been divided into 64 zoness with 200 volunteer book couriers in each sector. That means a potential of 12,000 volunteers ready to deliver the books to those responding. We really appreciate your prayers and any support you can give toward this campaign.

Dr. Hannu Haukka

Great Commission Media Ministries

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