The Gospel to Kurdistan—Northern Iraq


Children playing in open fields in Northern Iraq. They need to hear the Gospel message.



  • GCM Ministries will attempt to conduct an evangelistic campaign in northern Iraq
  • The situation may change unexpectedly and rapidly in Iraq
  • Gospel TV programs planned for Northern Iraq
  • 20 million Kurds in Iraq

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In 2011 GCM Ministries was invited to Northern Iraq to meet with Christian leaders to discuss the prospect of conducting a mega city media campaign there and to reach one million Iraqis with the gospel message. Iraq has never seen a comparable outreach. If the situation on the ground permits the campaign will take place before the summer. For the moment there is relative peace. At present Northern Iraq’s Kurdistan province is calm compared to the reign of terror of Saddam Hussein. We ask for your prayers in this regard.

Parallel to this GCM Ministries is planning for the long haul. Regardless of political unrest or internal instability GCM Ministries together with Kurdish Christians plans to produce Gospel TV programs in the Kurdish language the dominant language spoken in Northern Iraq. These programs will minister to 20 million Kurds, many of whom live in the plains of the Mesopotamia Valley. The Kurdish people are mostly Sunni Moslem.

Geographically Kurdistan is surrounded by four countries; Iran to the east, Iraq proper to the south, Turkey to the north, Syria to the west. Kurdistan is considered the world’s largest nation without a homeland. The main languages spoken in Northern Iraq are Kurdish and Arabic.


Circumstances in northern Iraq may change abruptly so there this is no better time to proclaim the Gospel than now. Both Egypt and Syria are prime examples. In both countries time and opportunity slipped by before planned media campaigns could be carried out. The land of old Testament Mesopotamia needs to hear the gospel message.

There is an atmosphere of uneasiness and apprehension even amongst Christians. For Christians in the west peace for tomorrow is practically a given. There are no wars raging in North America. Peace is indeed a luxury. Iraqis don’t enjoy the same sense of security regarding their future. Iraq is ravaged by sectarian violence and hostilities between fundamentalist Islamic groups. The Gospel is the only power in the world that is able to break down these divisive walls and reconcile enemies, bring peace between people.


“The prayer of a righteous man is power and effective,” says the word of God (James 5:16). Pray with us that God would strengthen Iraqis who have put their faith in him and for the Church in Iraq. Pray that the Lord would call out willing vessels from among Kurdish people to preach the Gospel to their own nation using media. Pray that TV program production in the Kurdish language to the Kurds in Iraq would launch soon. Lastly, please pray that Kurds around the world would find faith and salvation through Jesus Christ.

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