Response from Chennai, India


Dr. Hannu Haukka
GCM founder & president



  • great response from Chennai, India
  • new campaigns planned for South Africa
  • extremist Hindus cut phone lines twice
  • over 94,000 calls to Chennai call center

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Dear ministry friend,

Summer is here and it’s a convenient time to pause for a brief moment and assess the past 6 months in ministry. This year at Great Commission Media Ministries has been very busy. By the grace of God and his provision we conducted successful mega city campaigns in Russia, Asia and the Middle East reaching more than 30 million people with the Gospel.

Just as God answered Jabez’ prayer thousands of years ago when he asked the Lord to enlarge his territory in the same way the Lord has expanded our sphere of influence for the Gospel. One year ago we would not have imagined that the Lord would lead us to minister in the Himalayas and in India, the second most populous nation on earth.


The first mega city campaign in India ended on May 15th. The call center received over 94,000 calls in the month-long outreach. 42,500 of those requested the 100-page campaign book containing life-changing testimonies and the four steps of salvation. More than 800,000 visits to the campaign website were logged.

GCM Ministries expresses deep appreciation to Dr. Kurt Nelson and vice-president Bob West of East West Ministries, USA for their partnership and major financing of the campaign.

Pastor Mohan, Chairman of the campaign pastoral committee, pastor of a 40,000-member church, realized the impact of the media in today’s India:

“I personally and strongly believe that the time of traditional outreach and other forms of ministry is over. This kind of evangelism touches great numbers of people and they easily come to church because they don’t feel intimidated. Now it is time for India and God is at work,” says Pastor Mohan.

Many suicidal people called the call center, talked to a counselor, received hope and consequently were saved from an untimely death. Hindus and Muslims have found a new faith!

In India, there is more to come. Hyderabad (pop. 7.5 million), Bombay (pop. 20 million), Aurangabad (pop. 3.5 million), Patna (pop. 5.7 million) are some of the cities that now await mega city media campaigns. Patna, the capital of Bihar State in North India has for decades been called the graveyard of missions. Many a missionary has given his life in bringing the Gospel to this spiritually dark region.

South Africa

In May, my assistant director Ari and I were invited to Durban, South Africa. A Christian leader from Durban came to observe the Chennai campaign and was deeply touched by what he saw.  As a result, he invited us to come to South Africa to challenge the leaders there.

In South Africa, we spoke to both Zulu pastors and pastors of other nationals. The reception was both warm and enthusiastic.

One pastor, Songe Chibambo, director of a notable ministry in Southern Africa challenged us: “I wish you had come earlier! These mega city campaigns are the missing link in reaching our cities.

The majority of the population of Africa is under 30 years of age. The social challenges in today’s Africa cannot be met through government programs.

Only the Gospel can bring change to our cities and remedy its sicknesses. I believe it is the will of God that you came to South Africa. The timing of your visit is divine.”

It is very likely that Durban will see a mega city campaign in late summer of 2012. Durban may well be the first of a series of Africa’s biggest cities to be targeted.

Dr. Hannu Haukka

Great Commission Media Ministries

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