Russian Churches Request 500,000 New Testaments for 140-year Celebration of Modern-Day Russian Bible

Russian churches requested 500,000 New Testaments to distribute to the public during the 140-year celebration of the modern translation of the Bible Russian churches requested 500,000 New Testaments to distribute to the public during the 140-year celebration of the modern translation of the Bible

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200,000 New Testaments have been printed already

Churches in Russia celebrate 140 years of the modern translation of the Russian Bible

Nenets eskimos 290x194Local churches have delivered New Testaments to the Nenets indigenous people in remote Siberian settlements

Jakuutit 290x194Yakuts have also been given the opportunity to read the Good News of God's love  

russia man reading bibleReading the Bible publically has been granted by the Kremlin during the 140-year celebration of the modern-day translation of the Russian Bible

Juri Ananiev3 smallGCM Ministries Russian ministry representative Juri Ananiev says that, this Bible campaign is important because most Moscovites have never read the Bible




Russia is a massive harvest field. In January, we were challenged by leaders of 4,500 churches to equip them with 500,000 New Testaments and 200,000 additional full Bibles as they celebrate the “Year of the Russian Bible."

We have already printed the first 100,000 New Testaments, which have been shipped from the printers in Minsk and are now in Moscow. From there, participating churches are distributing the Word of God as they minister in towns and villages across Western Russia. Local churches have delivered New Testaments to Nenet aboriginals and Yakuts in remote Siberian settlements. 

This month we placed an order for another 100,000 New Testaments. That makes 200,000 and there is more to come.

Early this year churches were given permission from the Moscow authorities to publicly celebrate 140 years of the modern-day translation of the Russian Bible.

There are 100,000 towns and villages that did not have exposure to the gospel message. Of those, 19,000 have been reached in the past three and a half years. Together with you, GCMM has equipped these participating churches, assisting them to advance the work of evangelism in Russia.

New Testaments RussiaThe Kremlin has given the churches an unexpected green light to publicly celebrate the 140-year jubilee of the Russian Bible. Billboards and other media, advertising is being made available for the campaign. The churches have turned to GCM Ministries to help spearhead this campaign.

Proposal for 500,000 New Testaments

The festivities will focus on challenging Russians to read the Bible. The problem is that people do not have Bibles.

Consequently, these 4,000+ churches came to GCMM and asked us to print 500,000 New Testaments to distribute to the people. Again, there is little sense in challenging people to read the Bible if they do not have one to read. The cost of one New Testament, printed inside Russia is $0.75 cents.

Permission from the Kremlin to celebrate “The year of the Russian Bible” in a highly visible way includes the use of billboards across Moscow and St. Petersburg. Newspapers, radio, possibly television will carry a message similar to Psalm 119:105: “The Bible is a lamp to my feet and a light illuminating my path.”

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GCM Ministries founders Laura and Hannu Haukka have ministered in Russia and the Soviet Union for 40 years. Laura was born in Soviet Russia.

Over the past 3 years GCM Ministries has supplied over 4,000 churches in Russia with superb evangelistic tools, 4,000,000 (4 million) copies of the GCM Ministries book called “Experiencing the Power to Change.” Using this tool, these same churches have planted 1,000 churches across Russia. Additionally, GCM Ministries has printed and delivered 100,000 Bibles for use in these newly planted churches.

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