SRI LANKA: Media campaign call center received over 58,000 calls seeking power to change

Millions of people on the busy streets of Colombo saw and heard the Gospel during the recent month-long media saturation campaign Millions of people on the busy streets of Colombo saw and heard the Gospel during the recent month-long media saturation campaign

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Sri Lanka BBBillboards carrying the campaign message were highly visible in February/March 2016

Sri Lanka Bussimainos2Buses carrying the campaign ads got Sri Lankans to call the call center

Duo answeringOver 50,000 calls received by counsellors at the call center

Sri Lanka Sanomalehti2 smallLife-changing stories got Sri Lankans interested in the gospel message


Twenty million residents of the island nation of Sri Lanka were the recipients of a mega city media saturation campaign this spring.

A month long GCMM mega city media campaign in Colombo wound down in April. Together with 850 churches we saw the message of the life-transforming power of God reach millions of Sri Lankans. The campaign call center logged 58,000 calls in 6 weeks. Of those 48,000 people are currently being followed up by the local churches. At the closing celebration whole families told their stories of how they had come to faith in Jesus.  Orders for the book containing the 12 stories of transformed lives came from all sections of society, the army, navy, air force, military police, Members of Parliament, doctors lawyers, businessmen, students, Buddhists, Muslims, Animists, the regular people throughout the island nation.

The reach of the campaign is not limited to 58,000 calls to the call center. Millions more were exposed to the Gospel message through the media.

The recent mega city media saturation campaign, presenting the Gospel to the nation of Sri Lanka, was front and center of all forms of advertising during the month-long campaign. Buses, outdoor ads, billboards as well as TV, radio and daily newspapers carried the message "Power to Change", through Jesus Christ. The campaign covered the 2.5 million residents of Colombo and the whole nation of 20 million+ people.

The response to the Gospel in this Buddhist nation has surpassed expectations. Over fifty thousand calls were received by 75 telephone counsellors at the call center since it began February 15. Fifty thousand campaign books containing life-changing testimonies and the steps to salvation were requested by callers, and delivered by volunteers from participating churches. The people of Sri Lanka are hungry for God.

Over 850 churches on the island state joined hands in a massive effort to reach the 2.5 million residents of the capital city, Colombo. 

Thanks to television, radio and newspaper media, the campaign made it to other parts of the island.

The campaign message was carried in the media in two languages, Sinhalese and, in the north, Tamil. The campaign highlighted 15 dynamic transformation stories of local believers.

Sri Lanka comprises of two major ethnic peoples, the mainly Buddhist Sinhalese and the Hindi Tamils, best known as the Tamil Tigers through secular news media. Calls came in from people in both ethnic groups. Many of these callers had a desire to make their decision to faith in God during the call.

The campaign went on for 30 days however follow-up by local churches will continue for years down the road.