Leadership Summits in Russia and Central Asia

26 June

Story Highlights:


Pastors from around Russia and Central Asia gathered for leadership summit training.



  • Leadership summits in twelve cities
  • Pastors and laypersons came from all around Russia and Central Asia
  • Smaller summits planned for other areas

One thousand eight hundred pastors and lay people from congregations in twelve cities around Russia and Central Asia gathered for training during a leadership summit cohosted by Willow Creek Association (WCA).

These summits are part of GCM Ministries missions outreach. Congregations receive training and are prepared for more effective evangelism as well as a higher standard of ministering.

Support for pastors

Pastors and lay people alike enjoy an encouraging and refreshing time together. They are insipired by their peers shared experiences, challenges, break throughs, halleluja moments and victories.

These large scale summits have been a blessing. They have spawned dozens of smaller summits in more remote locations.