Effective Evangelistic Campaigns In Nepal

Approximately 85% of Nepal's population adheres to the Hindu faith. Approximately 85% of Nepal's population adheres to the Hindu faith.

Story Highlights:
  • Two mega city media saturation campaigns in Nepal

  • Dramatic life-stories from ex-drug addicts, a well known teacher and an ex-Hindu sadhu

  • Campaign will reach almost 5 million people

Dramatic life-stories from local celebrities and others were told in the campaign ads and TV programs.

Life-changing testimonies came from one of Nepal's brightest pop stars. Also, testimonies from ex-drug addicts, a well-known teacher and an ex-Hindu sadhu shared his spiritual transformation and how he finally found true holiness.

These campaigns reached into 5 cities in total. Pokhara, known for its tourism, Dharan, Ihari, Dama and Biratnagar, at the border of India.

An ex-slave tells how God changed her life

Sadly human trafficking is rampant in eastern Nepal where the campaigns were held. During the past few years over 200,000 Nepalese girls have been sold into slavery to India. The campaign addressed this issue clearly and offered a message of hope and freedom for them.

"We found a woman from the city of Pokhara who was sold as a slave by her now ex-husband to help cope with poverty in their life. She suffered for years in slavery until God changed her life. This 50 year-old lady shared her testimony during the campaigns. Her story touched many lives in the region, especially in Biratnagar, the center of human trafficking.

We put her testimony on large billboard ads right at the Nepal-India border.