Almaty, Kazakhstan – Historic campaign reaches over 12 million

21 September

Story Highlights:


Under Soviet rule atheismwas accepted ideology. As of 1991 churches in Kazakhstan have experienced relative freedom to conduct affairs of the church including limited outreach. The IRR-TV led mega city campaign conducted in February -March of 2006 in partnership with 30 churches in the city was deÞ netly a Þ rst. According to some the campaign should have been doomed to failure from square one.

The Islamic authorities would never allow for a Christian media campaign, so said the nay-sayers. True, the Kazakh authority responsible for granting approval for outdoor advertising in the city failed to approve billboards and other ooutdoor ads because of their bold Christian message save one - a banner that spanned the width of the main street in Almaty.

The banner was up for three weeks. Record Ratings on TV Television and radio are regulated by a separate government agency in Kazakhstan. This agency in no way hindered the telecast of campaign programs. IRR-TV produced programs were seen on two commercial channels prime time every night for seven straight weeks.

Full Report on Almaty (pdf, 1.5 MB)