Mega City Campaign to Helsinki, Finland


About one million people in Finland will be reached with the Gospel this Fall.


  • The voice of the church is not heard in the Finnish society
  • Mega city campaign to Helsinki, Finland
  • About 1.2 million people will be reached with the Gospel

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This Fall Helsinki, the capital city of Finland, will see and hear the Gospel message when a mega city campaign commences. This mega city campaign, spearheaded by GCM Ministries, partnering with IRR-TV, will enable local congregations to reach just over 1 million people in the capital city and throughout Finland. To date Great Commission Media Ministries has held fifty city campaigns in Russia, Central Asia, Israel and South America. However, European cities have not yet been targetted with evangelistic campaigns. Do we really need one in Finland? GCM Ministries missions director Hannu Haukka answers this and other questions.

– Today the voice of the church is not heard in Finnish society. It has been silenced unfortunately. When the Finnish media talks about Christianity, it highlights any negatives relating to it. In contrast this evangelistic campaign will provide a clear alternate message.

When will the planned campaign take place?

– If all goes well and we get the necessary funds in place, the campaign will be carried out this coming autumn, September – October 2011.

How many people will you be able to reach?

– Given that the campaign message will appear over many different media simultaneously, we can reasonably assume that the vast majority of the population of metropolitan Helsinki will hear, see or read the message during the 30-day campaign. We are talking about a million people. Without the use of mass media, the churches would not be able to reach this number of people.

What is the cost?

– The price tag of an evangelistic media campaign is high, if we think in terms of one congregation and their annual budget. I think it’s going to cost about $475,000.

How can the reader can get involved?

– Everyone can pray in different ways – alone, in prayer groups, at church …

The campaign in Nepal is a good example. The evangelistic campaign in the Katmandu valley was incubated in prayer. I do not know if any other campaign was prayed for so fervently. Prayer influences the way the worshiper thinks and acts.

They also have the option to financially support this outreach with a tax-deductible donation (in Canada and USA). If 500 friends of the ministry would give $100 per month for nine months, the total cost would be basically covered.


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