Mega City Campaign in Chennai


Church service in Chennai, India.



  • Mega city campaign wraps up in Chennai, India
  • Thousands of calls per day received
  • Wonderful life-changing stories in ads and TV programs
  • Over 800,000 hits to campaign website

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Dr. Ron Harris, senior vice-president of Strategic Partnerships NRB (National Religious Broadcasters) shares Jesus with Nepalese Hindus. Dr. Harris also surveyed the mega city campaign in Chennai, India.



Dr. Kurt Nelson president of East-West Ministries travelled to India to survey the mega city campaign in Chennai. East-West Ministries financed the campaign.

An unprecedented mega city campaign in Chennai, India wrapped up May 15.

Response to date has surpassed 94,000 phone calls to the call center, tens of thousands requested the high impact campaign books. Over 800,000 hits have been recorded on the campaign website.

During the third week of the campaign all the phone lines were cut to the call center by extremist Hindus. A few days later phone service was restored but was cut again. After another restoration of phone service the onslaught of calls kept coming in at a rate of thousands each day. People in India are hungry for the life-changing power to change that comes from God.

GCM Ministries expresses deep appreciation to Dr. Kurt Nelson and vice-president Bob West of East West Ministries, USA for major financing of the campaign.

More campaigns in India

More campaigns are planned for major cities in India in the near future. Hyderabad and Mumbai are next. God willing we will conduct a campaign in Hyderabad in the Spring of 2012.

Prime Minister Ghandi’s bodyguard

The campaign book, the prime-time TV programs and the campaign website all consist of life changing stories of salvation. For example there is the personal bodyguard for India’s former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, who was assassinated in the world’s first suicide bomb attack. The Prime Minister died but his bodyguard survived the attack with 100 wounds from bomb shrapnel on his body!

This bodyguard, known throughout India, now tells his fellow citizens how he experienced God’s great mercy and power to change his life.

We are grateful to have an excellent team at the campaign office from the many churches involved in this mega city campaign.

Sabina Islam

Sharon, a sister who came to Christ in an Islamic area in the Northeastern state of Assam. Her father was an Imam, a Muslim priest. Her former name was Sabina Islam. Father was an influential person. Sabina was in her second semester of studies at university when during her preparations for exams she heard an audible voice: “Sabina, you need to pray to me.” At the same time she saw Jesus, whom she had not known before, in a vision.

Sabina fell to her knees in her small rented room and cried out: “I need you God!” She came to know Christ at that moment. Consequently, her father disowned her and prevented her from returning home. Sabina helps design our campaign ads.

12,000 Volunteers

Chennai has been divided into 64 zones with 200 volunteer book couriers in each sector. That means a potential of 12,000 volunteers ready to deliver the books to those responding. GCM Ministries deeply appreciates your prayers and financial support for this campaign. Become a partner, click here.

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