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Israel, Rocket Attacks and the Gospel


A billboard prominantly displayed the campaign message of the Messiah in a recent (2013) high-impact media campaign along the border of the Gaza Strip.



  • A recent (2013) high-impact media campaign along the border of the Gaza Strip from South Tel Aviv to the Sinai Desert 
  • Ready to run for cover from incoming Qassam missiles from Gaza 
  • Ads were tampered with by ultra orthodox organizations
  • Campaign theme is Choose Life

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This recent (2013) media saturation campaign in western Israel was aimed at Russian Jews living in Central Israel from Tel Aviv along the Gaza border down to the Sinai Desert. 

This is the area where most of the Hamas rockets have fallen and consequenetly is an area wrought with tension. 

Just as the first outdoor ads went up on the streets, the Israeli Army began their training exercises. 

“High above us we continuously saw helicopters, fighter planes and parachuting infantry. Warships were out at sea and air raid sirens blared often,” said GCM Ministries missionary Vladimir Karttunen.

“The media campaign included radio, TV, internet, newspapers and outdoor ads. We reached the cities of Ashdod, Ashkelon and Sderot. At all times we were ready to run for cover from incoming Qassam missiles from Gaza.

People are tired of evil and the constant tension present here. They are tired of living. When they saw the campaign message “Choose Life” in the media they called our call center. They wanted to receive the campaign book,” said our campaign coordinator, Pastor Alex Faybi.

Daughter of a Rabbi

Faybi met a woman in the city of Lod, who said she believed in God because her father was a Rabbi. However she did not know anything about the Bible nor of the living God. After receiving the campaign book she took an interest in Jesus and wanted to know more about him as Messiah. She has now received a Bible and is in active follow-up. 

Another person called in and wondered why there is so much evil in the world even though the different religions talk about peace. He was told that real peace can only be possible once a person has received inner peace in their life. He too wanted to know more and is in constant contact with our counselors. 


Call center telephone numbers on outdoor ads had been covered up with spray paint by members of ultra orthodox organizations opposed to the campaign. Threatening calls often tied up the phone lines to the call center. Ads that were tampered with were replaced and the Israeli advertising agency did its best to stay on top of the situation. 

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