Himalayan Campaign Produces Unprecedented Response


The Katmandu Valley evangelistic outreach started on Christmas Day reaching 5 million people through television and other media.


  • 5 million people reached through television and six other media.
  • hundreds of calls per day come in continuously
  • over 40,000 calls have come in to date

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The historic mega city campaign in Nepal has been a bullseye for the Great Commission. Exciting news continues to come in from Katmandu.

The response from the campaign in Katmandu Valley has continued to abound and rise above our best expectations. The ads on the streets came down on January 24th but the response continues to pour in.

The “Power to Change Nepal” website has logged 700,000 visits in five weeks. More than 40,000 calls have been reveived at the call center. Calls from Nepalese Hindus have continued to come in at a rate of 150 per day. This reflects an unusually high level of interest in this Hindu nation.

From our campaign office we just received this report: “We are hearing from the churches that new people are coming to church services as a result of our campaign. We, all the churches, praise God together for the mighty work He has done in and through our lives. Even though, we are no longer on electronic media after 23rd, we are receiving hundreds of phone calls everyday. We are now reading some articles in newspapers and listen to radio programs that are against the campaign.

By any means “Power 2 Change Nepal” is known to the people. Really, our goal is achieved that this city should know the Power 2 Change. It has happened now. Some oppose, some are accepting, but almost all the people in the city know about it.

Church leader, Pastor Manoj Prdhananga told me:

“This  mega city campaign is a new way to give the gospel to thousands of people in our mega cities. The media has provided thousands of people the opportunity to hear the gospel for the first time in their lives. Through our TV programs they have seen people who have experienced change in their lives.  We know many will come to know Christ. Thank you for all your support. But especially thank you for giving a new vision to the churches in Nepal.”

Pastors in Nepal have asked for a continuation of the campaign. Here is Pastor Norbu Tamang’s appeal:

“This is a great moment for us. People have come into contact with the gospel through the media. The Gospel has become available to them.

Much has been accomplished but we still need your help. A month-long campaign is not enough. We need to keep going! There are so many cities and towns in Nepal that still need to be reached. Thank you for your sacrifice on our behalf here in the Himalaya Mountains.”

GCM Ministries thanks East-West Ministries for their partnership and generous support for the mega city campaign in Katmandu.

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