Counsellors at the call centre pray during and between calls. Many people calling in want to receive God’s power to change their life.


  • The Helsinki mega city campaign ended Oct 15
  • Over 63 thousand evangelistic video downloads in month-long campaign
  • Thousands of “one on one” contacts on the streets
  • Hundreds of decisions for Jesus via churches
  • TV programs and call centre continue until Christmas

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The major media saturation portion of the Helsinki mega city campaign ended Oct 15, however, the daily, two-hour TV programs that include life-changing stories continue to be seen throughout Finland. Call centre phone lines remain open. Many people call after reading the special 100-page campaign book that is available in English, Swedish and Finnish. An astounding 63 thousand evangelistic video downloads have been logged during the month-long campaign and as the special campaign website ( remains posted. The amount of exposures to the Gospel will continue to go up.

hel_bus_adCampaign volunteers from the participating 73 churches and Christian organizations continue to meet with people on the street and hold special events in the capital city and other towns and cities around Finland. As a result we have received reports of: Thousands of “one on one” contacts on the streets • Hundreds of decisions for Jesus via churches.

The goal of the campaign to reach 2 million people in the metropolitan Helsinki area and surrounding communities by using the national media has been exceeded.

Radio, television, the internet, newspapers, magazines, outdoor ads and the special evangelistic campaign book were used to proclaim the message that God gives you the power to change.

Evangelistic ads used:

• 1,800 street lamppost ads

• 9,750 stickers on bus seatbacks

• 80 giant banners attached to highway overpasses

• 1,074 giant-size posters in transport system

• 2,000 posters in local Churches

• 140,000 campaign brochures hand delivered to homes by church volunteers

• 36 full-sized billboards on main arteries flowing into and out of the city.

• 1 mega billboard 13 x 17 meters (42 x 55 ft)

• 74 buses; full-size ads outside, rear of bus

• 45 trams; side, sliding doors

• 81 bus stop ads

• 45,000 tailor-made 108-page campaign books

• internet; audio, video streaming

• campaign office operated 24/7, equipped with 15 phone lines received over 13,000 requests for the campaign book

• Facebook

In addition to the highly effective evangelistic media campaign churches involved with the campaign are hosting services and events that tie into this concentrated outreach effort.

giant_bb_smallOver 70 churches and Christian organizations have joined forces to proclaim the Gospel message during this special time of evangelistic outreach in Finland.

A giant campaign billboard 8 stories high located at one of the busiest intersections in the centre of Helsinki.

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