Follow-Up in Full Swing for Helsinki Mega City Campaign



City busses advertised God’s power to change during the campaign throughout the city.


  • Surpises during follow-up ministry
  • Love touches people’s hearts
  • Many churches profoundly affected by the campaign

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The Power To Change media campaign in Helsinki has ended but it is continuing daily on a terrestrial and cable TV channel while local churches in the Helsinki area are in follow-up ministry mode.

The Power To Change programs consisting of testimonies, life-changing stories, Christian based documentaries, etc can be seen on channel 15 and 16. The programming is on air every night of the week for the next few months.

The call center phone lines are still open, where people can call to order an evangelistic campaign book and receive prayer and spiritual guidance. The campaign website is still up in three languages; English, Finnish and Swedish. Campaign website link: koemuutos.fi.

Approximately 70 churches and Christian organizations held about 600 evangelistic events during and after the campaign.

All the participating churches share in the database, that was collected during the campaign, with information on people who responded to the message. The campaign itself was just a “shot over the bow” and the beginning of a long, fruitful harvest of souls.

In follow-up ministry group discussions we have noticed how the campaign has had a profound effect on the churches. Volunteer workers from these churches have shared some of their experiences during the campaign. In one-on-one ministry we see that people respond eagerly and want to share their needs. One volunteer recalled his visit to a home where two Hell’s Angels members lived. They had prayed the prayer of salvation over the phone earlier and asked for a visit by the campaign volunteer. Their home was quite disorganized and filthy but these two guys had a gentle manner about them. One had a clear change in him while the other was still earnestly seeking for God.

Love touches people and draws them in, and they will not find it elsewhere except from God’s church when the church works like it should. Many churches have offered the Alfa course and other programs to help with new members.

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