Children in Prison Photo Gallery

On this page you will find photos from some of the 70 children’s prison camps in Russia and Cental Asia. You will also see how your gift of love has helped clothe and feed these boys and girls.

Volgograd and Kamyshin, Russia

Sankin“These boys have not experienced the warmth and care from adults. They are angry at the world. When they hear that they are someone important and that they are valued, it is a holiday for them.”
Russia’s Justice Ministry, Colonel Mikhail Sankin


Burov“I am very grateful to all those who took part in this program for the Kamyshinon children’s prison. It was like a gift from heaven. Now the boys have what they need for the harsh Russian winter. I would like to thank you on behalf of myself and all the boys for the new, warm clothes, which they have received from people they didn’t even know. Thank you very much. “
Kamyshinon camp director, Colonel Yuri Burov


Ufa and Sterlitamak, Russia




Boy’s Prison in Kazakhstan


Female Prison in Kazakhstan


Street Children


Voronezh and Bobrov, Russia


Siberia: Irkutsk, Kemerova, Mariinsk; Urals: Sverdlovsk; Central Russia:Vologda


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