What We Do Together In 2020 Could Change Many Lives Forever!

by Hannu Haukka


Great Commission Media Ministries

”The majority of the people living in the industrialized world today are packed into cities. It is crucial for the fulfillment of the Great Commission that these people are the focus of our prayers and a carefully thought out strategy to reach them.”

Bill Bright, Founder Campus Crusade For Christ.

As 2019 draws to a close, it’s time to give thanks to God and to reflect on the great things that HE has done through your prayers and giving!

God has orchestrated many historic moments in 2019, from sharing the Gospel to one million unreached people in over 1,500 South Sudanese villages to an unprecedented evangelistic campaign in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania - and much more!


Pause with us and look back at 2019 as we thank God for the many lives changed and pray for those who are the focus of GCMM follow up teams. My prayer is that, this overview of 2019 will be a source of joy and thanksgiving to you. You are an important part of this story. Take a tour with me to these four cities, countries, regions:


Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania In 40 days, together with over 1,000 Tanzanian churches, we reaped a harvest of 142,000 souls! They are now the focus of intense follow up by the churches. Of these 142,000 an astounding 90,000 callers were Tanzanian Muslims! The ministry call center continues to bring in more calls every day! Demand dwarfed the supply of 90,000 books. Urgently needed are 100,000 more copies of the “Power to Change” evangelism book. According to Media Agency data in Dar Es Salaam, we know that between 7 million and 9 million people were reached by the GCMM campaign in October-November.


South Sudan, 2019 was a year of harvest in South Sudan. The South Sudan evangelistic campaign at the end of last year was a miracle. There was an unprecedented surge toward God throughout the country. The President publicly endorsed the campaign on national television and radio. Hundreds of thousands of South Sudanese have responded.


GCMM distributed over 10,000 solar powered DAPs (Digital Audio Units) in tribal languages to over 1,500 illiterate villages and small towns in war torn South Sudan. Each unit contains the Gospel, the powerful high impact transformation stories including the roadmap to new life in Jesus. Included are audio Bible stories for hundreds of thousands of children. These villages are 100% illiterate according to UNESCO. There are no schools, no teachers in these villages. The Gospel had a profound effect on this violent nation. According to the South Sudan police force, data now shows that the crime rate has dropped by 40% in the capital city. Additionally, hospital data shows that there is 25-40% drop in patients admitted for treatment from violent crimes. In the villages, we keep getting reports of totally unreached people accepting the Lord. And the harvest continues in 2020.


Russia, In the last 12 months we printed 1,220,000 Bibles, New Testaments, “Experience The Power to Change” evangelism books for hundreds of house churches across Siberia and the Russian Far East. These books were requested by the churches amidst a continuing tightening of the situation and harassment of the churches. For 2020, the churches are asking for 700,000 more books to be used to lead their countrymen to Jesus.


Islamic North Africa, Middle East From Morocco in North Africa across the Middle East to the border of Pakistan, we continued to telecast the Gospel daily to over 400 million Muslims using 16 satellites in Arabic, Farsi, Somali, Sudanese Arabic, Amharic. Response peaked at over 200,000 response per month. That is 2,4 million Muslims who responded to the Gospel programs in 2019! There will likely be a mega city campaign in a major city in Northern Iraq in Q3 of 2020. Similar campaigns have been held in Iraq, Lebanon, the Palestinian West Bank.


In the Middle East, we invested more than we had. But, we know that God knows this need even before we pray.  We need purchase television production equipment for two additional studios. With the equipment we will reach 100 million more Muslims with the Gospel in the next three years.


2020 in South East Asia, Islamic World, East Ukraine. We are thankful to the Lord for what has happened in 2019. The new year promises to be full of challenge. The Lord willing, we will see a high impact, month-long evangelism campaigns in Mongolia, East Ukraine, Senegal, Bangkok - possibly Hong Kong!


Year-end is an occasion to pause, to think how we can invest of our lives in the Kingdom of God. At the end of our days, the Lord will ask us about His “ROI - Return On Investment” in our lives (Think: the five talents - Matthew 25:14, or the ten minas - Luke 19:11)


When it comes to supporting ministries, we realize you have many options. We consider it a privilege and honor for GCMM to be one of yours. With your support, at Great Commission Media Ministries we pledge to be your faithful servant on the front lines of today’s missions. Let's work together to proclaim Jesus Christ to people who do not know Him as Lord and Savior. You can witness one of several thrilling campaigns firsthand, join us.


Above all, we are thankful to the Lord for 2019. Every man, woman and child who has accepted Jesus as Lord is a victory. The Angels rejoice, we do too. Thank you for helping make this happen, thank you for your support and prayers.


My wife Laura and I and the whole GCMM staff join in wishing you and your family an abundantly blessed, joy filled New Year 2020. We live between two advents, between Bethlehem and the Second Coming of Jesus, Mathew 24:36. Meanwhile, we labor unceasingly to lead as many people as possible to new life in Jesus.


Dr. Hannu Haukka, Great Commission Media Ministries

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