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Ajatollah Khomeini Aide Exposes Iran

khomeini aid

Daniel Shayesteh was a member of Ajatollah Khomeini’s inner circle in Iran.



    • Daniel Shayesteh was part of the inner circle of Iran’s Islamic government

    • Iranian government is progressing with plans to destroy Israel

    • The destruction of Israel is not a political question, rather it is an integral part of Shia Islamic end-days prophecies

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The whole world is watching and wondering what Iran will do as it develops its nuclear program. Daniel Shayesteh, a former aid to the Ajatollah Khomeini exposes the Iranian government’s plans: “Israel will be forced to its knees or it will be destroyed.”

The following interview with Daniel Shayesteh and Hannu Haukka is an eye-opener.

We read and hear a lot about Iran’s nuclear program in the news. You were once a member of the inner circle of Iran’s government. Are their intentions peaceful?

– It would be a grave mistake to think that the intentions of the Iranian government are peaceful as far as the nuclear program is concerned. It has never been so and isn’t at the present. It is foolish to think that they have peaceful intentions.

What is Iran’s goal concerning Israel?

– When I was in the inner circle of the Iranian government, military objectives of the nuclear program primarily were discussed.

Iran’s strategy is quite simple. Firstly, Iran needs to get Iraq under their control through Shia-Islamic influence in their country. The next step is to win over Jordan, which would open up access to Israel’s border.

Once at the Israeli border Iran would issue warnings to Israel to either convert to Islam or face utter destruction. Their destruction would be facilitated by the use of nuclear weapons. If Israel doesn’t heed their threat, they will be wiped off the map.

But millions of Palestinians would be wiped out at the same time…

– It is imperative that we recognize the true nature of Islam. In the Islamic faith human life is not as precious as we think it ought to be. If a couple million Palestinians die while the nation of Israel is destroyed, that would not matter much to the government of Iran. It would only be a necessary evil on the path of obtaining their higher objective. Their priority is not to ensure the safety of Palestinians but to destroy Zionist Israel.

So, Iran’s politicial objectives are not geared toward peace…

– The destruction of Israel is not a political goal for the Iranian government. Above all it based upon their religious beliefs. It is an integral part of the Shiite’s end-days prophecies.

Shiites believe, that their Imam is al-Mahdi, the twelfth Imam, who is currently hidden by God until the appropriate time for prophecies to be fulfilled.

In other words when this Imam does appear at the prophecied end of days, he will bring with him total chaos to the world.

Iran is the central force in facilitating the ensuing chaos and the catalyst for the reappearance of al-Mahdi, the twelfth Imam.

Who is Daniel Shayesteh?

Daniel Shayesteh was educated as a devout Muslim in Iran. He had an active role in the Iranian revolution of 1979, advanced to political leadership in Ajatollah Khomeini’s government and taught Islamic religious studies in his homeland of Iran.

Later Daniel departed ways with the Ajatollah and was imprisoned. While he was waiting for his death sentence he miraculously escaped to Turkey. There he found faith in Jesus Christ.

Currently Shayesteh is a recognized missionary and Christian apologetic speaker, and has written three books. He has taught on the difference of Islam and Christianity to hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

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