A “Tsunami” of Response in Nepal



A mega city evangelism campaign of epic proportions has just ended  in Katmandu, Nepal but the response keeps coming in.



  • A mega city evangelism campaign of epic proportions in Katmandu, Nepal
  • Flood of calls continues to come in to the call center can be described as a “tsunami”
  • Over 500,000 visitors to the campaign web site in first two weeks

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Great Commission Ministries, in partnership with East West Ministries and local churches, just recently finished a mega city evangelism campaign of epic proportions in the Himalaya Mountains. The response to the outreach has surpassed all expectations. The flood of calls that continue to come into the call center can be described as a “tsunami”.


The first sign that something out of the usual was happening came on Christmas Day, day one of the campaign. Within hours of launch I received an E-mail from the Katmandu office that read: “The banners, billboards are up. All the phones are ringing nonstop. We already have 300 calls. Eight Hindus have made decisions for Jesus on the phones. We are getting calls from everywhere in Nepal!”


katmandu_call_centerNext came a message from Andy Gallun our TV production chief: “68 hours into the campaign and there has been almost 1300 phone calls. The call center is getting pounded! The phones are melting!!!”


Eleven lines were not enough. The phones were indeed “overheating”.


“We are seeing how people desperately need change”, said Pradeep, our office manager, “they have tried everything else. They are tired. Now there is hope. I have heard from secular people that this is a phenomenal campaign and that only Christians are able to do such a thing!”


One of the campaign TV shows on prime time television featured an ex-drug addict. 1,500 calls were received mostly from students! Truly God is at work in the hearts of the people of Nepal.

Record-Breaking Outreach

bb_nepal_mtn_climberNepal has not seen anything like this of this magnitude. Over 500,000 visitors have been to the campaign web site to date!


The number one cell phone provider N-CELL of Nepal said they received 400,000 visits last year. We had 250,000 in two weeks. Total calls have surpassed 40,000! This is a miracle in a Hindu nation! Obviously, there have been hostile calls from Hindu extremists as well.

The campaign continues

nepalese_bookAt present it looks like we will run out of the 50,000 specially designed, 100-page follow up books. We urgently need to print more. Another 50,000 books will cost $40,000 USD. If you feel you can contribute to this cause we would be so very thankful. Please give us a call or let us know.


Two weeks before the campaign senior member of the pastoral committee Loknath Manaen used the word “tsunami” when describing what might be taking place in Katmandu Valley among 5 million residents. It was a prophetic utterance that no one understood at the time. We now see it before our eyes.

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