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Guyana: Call Center Records 800 Decisions For Christ


More than 800 people have accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior on the phones.


  • All expectations have already been exceeded
  • Phone calls are coming in from all over Guyana
  • More than 800 people have accepted Christ on the phones

This exciting Caribbean outreach in Guyana has produced wonderful fruit. Over 5,000 people have called the call center. More than 800 people have accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior on the phones reports GCM Ministries president Hannu Haukka reported from Guyana.

The Power of Television Media

The powerful evangelistic television programs produced for the nation-wide outreach in Guyana have been noteworthy right from the start. The TV programs, seen on five major TV channels every night, have had a tremendous impact on viewers. People who have been calling in often relate to the topics in the program in the context of their own lives.

Over 20 percent of callers have asked for prayer for healing. Other common prayer requests have included finances, family problems and depression. Hundreds just called to ask for the book to find out more about Jesus. But best of all, over 800 people have come to know Jesus as their Savior on the phone when they called. Many more will come to Christ as the follow-up process begins for the 5000 calls already received.

You can experience these powerful personal testimonies for yourself. GCM Ministries has created a Youtube channel for this media evangelism campaign that has been viewed not only in Guyana, but also by Guyanese expats in the United States and other places.

These programs have been viewed more than 2300 times at

As this is the first time this very unique outreach is being conducted in English you have the opportunity to see highlights on our web page. Just visit:

Changed Lives

My Life Was a Shambles


I cannot deny the power that changed my life. I am a housewife that has done much sin. I was a heavy drinker. My life was in shambles. I went out to the meeting and they prayed for me. I cried all the way home. I was delivered from alcohol and fear. Now I can live a new life!

- Larissa, Housewife


From Arab Emirates...

"I’m Muslim and I want to know the truth. I like everything that you offer in your webpages, it has touched my heart. My family is fanatically Islamic and everything I hear about Christians is very bad. At the time I live in Arab Emirates. I begin to know the truth from your internet pages. It’s difficult around here to get to your web pages because the government tries to prevent it. Please help me!"

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