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"I experienced the power to change!"

Neaplese taxi driver got a second chance to experience the power to change his life.



  • Many found faith in Christ during campaign
  • Testimonies from Raju, Bijay and Deuwa
  • Maoist chief requested power to change book

Many have come to faith in Christ through GCM Ministries’ recent mega city campaign in Kathmandu, Nepal. Here are several testimonies...

Young merchant was saved

"I am Raju Ghimire and I’m 24 years old. I have suffered from epilepsy for the past 15 years. I had attacks almost every day and sometimes several times a day. I tried all possible cures, but nothing worked. I took four different medications six times a day. My life was dependant on medicine. I had no other choice. But drugs were not able to cure me completely.

I'm a merchant. I operate a small vegetable stand. I was aware of the campaign but had not called the call center number that was advertised. But one day a pastor was distributing "Experience the power of change” books close to my vegetable stand. I asked him for a book. I read it and it gave me hope. I thought that if the people mentioned in the book were able to change, then why not me?

raju-ghimireThe next day I went to the pastor. He inspired me so that I too could experience the power to change. I gave my life to Jesus. The change was real. Now it’s been a couple of months and I am only using half of the medicine and I have not had a single epileptic seizure. I thank God that He gave me a triumphant life. I've been baptized. I am a member of the church, and I attend regularly.

But my family shuns me. They do not talk to me at all. They think that I have converted to the Christian faith but do not realize that I have experienced real power that has changed my life. But whatever the cost I want to continue living for the Lord."

Secret disease healed

"I am Bijay Lama and I’m from the Makwanpurin area. I have lived in Kathmandu for six years. I had serious problems with my blood vessels. I could not do any strenuous work at all. My body would suddenly be paralyzed for a few minutes. I went to the doctor, who prescribed Cardinal 60 mg for the rest of my life. I asked for cheaper medicine or something that I do not need to use all my life, but the doctor said that there was no alternative. I did not tell anyone, not even my wife of ten years. I thought of my condition as a curse, which I did not have any control over.

bijay-lamaBut during the city campaign I saw several billboards and posters that proclaimed the power to change. Then one day I saw a man handing out Experience the Power To Change campaign book. He gave me a book and told me that the people in the book featured on TV programs each evening. He told me to watch the programs. I watched three people's life stories, and I read the book. I thought that if change was possible in these people's lives, it could also be possible for me.

Then I went to church with my family. There we came to faith in Christ. The pastor prayed for me. Miraculously my chronic illness was cured. I experienced the power to change. I quit taking the medicine and I am now completely healed. I thank God and the campaign that gave my life new direction. Last week I shared my testimony at church and mentioned my health issue for the first time. My wife was surprised to hear about it. Now our family has been baptized and we have joined the church."

Policeman accepts Jesus on patrol

Deuwa Bhim, a ex-Maoist, gave his testimony in the campaign book, TV and radio programs. He had visited the police station and conveyed the Gospel message to the officers. While he was there he learned even the police had watched the campaign programs. When he told them that his testimony was featured in the campaign book and on TV they were interested in hearing what he had to say. One of the officers, Sitaram Nepali, came forward, repented of his sins and gave his life to Jesus. Then he changed his name to Peter. His original name associated with Hindu deities. Now this policeman, a changed man, with a new found faith in Christ, attends church regularly.

Maoist chief asked for 88 books

nepalese_bookBhim Deuwa also called on an old friend who is a Maoist chief. The chief told him that he had seen the TV programs during the campaign. He asked Deuwa to join him and give his testimony. He wanted to experience change in his life. He thought that if Bhim can change, why not others? He also asked to bring 88 campaign books for distribution to fellow members at the Maoist camp.

Taxi driver gets a second chance

Kathmandu campaign coordinator, Pradeep Jha, was on his way to mail out campaign books, when he was able to share the Gospel with the cab driver. The driver had heard and watched the campaign programs, but had not called the call center. Pradeep told the cab driver that he could experience change and the driver immediately decided to give his life to the Lord. After this, Pradeep told him about a church in Gyaneshwari that was closest to his home.

Changed Lives

My Life Was a Shambles


I cannot deny the power that changed my life. I am a housewife that has done much sin. I was a heavy drinker. My life was in shambles. I went out to the meeting and they prayed for me. I cried all the way home. I was delivered from alcohol and fear. Now I can live a new life!

- Larissa, Housewife


From Arab Emirates...

"I’m Muslim and I want to know the truth. I like everything that you offer in your webpages, it has touched my heart. My family is fanatically Islamic and everything I hear about Christians is very bad. At the time I live in Arab Emirates. I begin to know the truth from your internet pages. It’s difficult around here to get to your web pages because the government tries to prevent it. Please help me!"

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