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Our Staff

GCM Ministries – Board of Directors/Leadership

hannu_blue_shirtDr. Hannu Haukka
President/USA & Canada


marvin onlyMarvin Kehler

daveDave Ogren
Missions Director

JohnJuha (John) Haukka



Brian webJ. Brian Vaughan
Chief Executive Officer/USA & Canada


maura hackenmuellerMaura Hackenmueller
Office Manager



IRR-TV Finland – Staff Members by Department

Leadership Team

hannu_blue_shirtDr. Hannu Haukka

Laura Haukka
Programming Director

Ari_TaljaAri Talja
kennethKenneth Grönroos
Vice President, India
heikkiHeikki Lindfors
Vice President, Finance
Director, Arabic Ministries


vladimirVladimir Karttunen
Manager, St. Petersburg

pirjo_karttunenPirjo Karttunen
Jewish Ministry

snezhanaSnezana Heimonen
Secretary Russian Ministries

annaAnna Viinikka
Program Coordinator
nadjaNadja Miroshnitshenko
Sign Language Production
kebede-mergiaKebede Mergia
Ethiopia, Amheric Program
aster-sabureAster Sabure
Ethiopia, Amheric Program
Assistant Coordinator
andrei-evertAndrei Evert
Jewish Ministry in St. Petersburg
tomi-hyvosahoTomi Hyvösaho
Cameraman, Editor
arsiArsi Liimatainen
Director, Master Control
mika-ahonenMika Ahonen
Technical Director
andreiAndrei Motinga
Russian Radio Programs
jormaJorma Uusi-Vähälä
Translator, Cameraman
stasStanislav Voronin
Video/Editing Engineer,
Program Host
oscarOscar Laakso
Video/Editing Engineer
teijapTeija Pesonen
Audio Engineer
blank photoGraphics Department
Graphic Designer
kimmoKimmo Kestilä
Media Engineer
marcoMarco Leite
Studio Technician
merjaMerja Tekoniemi
Management Assistant


kaukoKauko Karvonen
Database Management
marjaleenaMarja-Leena Tauriainen
Finances, Bookkeeping
elviraElvira Survo
Finances, Bookkeeping
aidaAida Heimonen

International Offices – Leadership

JohnJuha (John) Haukka
Executive Director, Canada
Dave OgrenDave Ogren
US Missions Director, USA
vasiliVasili Romaniuk
Director, Russia
pavelPavel Linevitsh
Director, Ukraine
ruslanRuslan Klutshnik
Director, Belarus
morganMorgan Carlsson
Director, Sweden
Brian webJ. Brian Vaughan
Chief Executive Officer, Canada

IRR-TV Finland – Board of Directors

kennethKenneth Grönroos
Chairman, Pastor
hannu_blue_shirtDr. Hannu Haukka
heikkiHeikki Lindfors
andreiAndreas Wirth
lauraLaura Haukka
marvin onlyMarvin Kehler

GCM Ministries - References

Dr. Pat Robertson, Founder and President, Christian Broadcasting Network
Dr. Marvin Kehler, President (1974-2002) Campus Crusade For Christ, Canada
Dr. David Mainse, Founder and President, Crossroads, Canada
Dr. Frank Wright, President, National Religious Broadcasters

Changed Lives

My Life Was a Shambles


I cannot deny the power that changed my life. I am a housewife that has done much sin. I was a heavy drinker. My life was in shambles. I went out to the meeting and they prayed for me. I cried all the way home. I was delivered from alcohol and fear. Now I can live a new life!

- Larissa, Housewife


From Arab Emirates...

"I’m Muslim and I want to know the truth. I like everything that you offer in your webpages, it has touched my heart. My family is fanatically Islamic and everything I hear about Christians is very bad. At the time I live in Arab Emirates. I begin to know the truth from your internet pages. It’s difficult around here to get to your web pages because the government tries to prevent it. Please help me!"

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